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Service Events:

Issue with Rally attachments field disappearing

Rally SoftwareŽ
This issue has been resolved.
We have discovered an issue where the attachments field in artifacts and work items is disappearing from editor pages.  This has been reproduced by removing any field on the page using the field or column picker list.  When a field is removed from the editor display, this causes the attachments field to also be removed.  There is no way to add or hide the attachments field on editor pages.  Development is aware of this defect and we hope to have it resolved ASAP.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

To avoid being affected by this issue we urge users to not hide any fields or columns until a resolution is in place.

Issue with Lookback API data

Rally SoftwareŽ
 We are aware of and investigating an issue where the Lookback API is unavailable, which may affect availability of charts and other analytics.  We will post an update once we know more - thank you for your patience!

A Sandbox refresh for a single subscription is scheduled for Sunday 11/03 at 7PM MST

A Sandbox refresh for a single subscription is scheduled for Sunday 11/03 at 7PM MST. The sandbox will be unavailable during this refresh for approximately 5 hours.

Maintenance window is planned for Saturday, November 2nd, between 4:00am - 8:00am MDT

Rally SoftwareŽ
Maintenance has been completed and all systems are online.
There is a maintenance window planned for Saturday, November 2nd, between 04:00am - 8:00am MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). Rally (Agile Central) will not be accessible during this time.

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