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CA Agile Central Maintenance Window

CA Agile Central
The CA Agile Central maintenance window is now scheduled for Saturday, October 21st from  6:00 AM - 8:00 AM MDT (UTC -06:00) to perform a datacenter switchover.  There will be no access to the CA Agile Central product during this time.

We will be switching from the CA Agile Central Seattle datacenter to the CA Agile Central Denver datacenter. Below are the current IP address ranges (in CIDR format) that we suggest whitelisting for both HTTP and HTTPS protocols as well as allowing incoming email from the SMTP protocol: (Denver Datacenter) (Seattle Datacenter)
You can find more information regarding Rally IP Addresses and CDN Networks here:

Test Case Results 404 error

CA Agile Central
Following the expansion of QDP (Quick Detail Page) to include Quality Management Work Items such as Test Cases, Test Folders, Test Sets, Defect Suites, and Test Results, we have identified an issue where some users may have received a 404 error when adding a Test Case Result from the Iteration Status page.  This may have occurred if QDP is not enabled for the user.

The workaround may have been to go to the Test Case directly to add the result, or to re-enable QDP to add the result to the Test Case. However, directly adding this result to the Test Case rather than to the Test Case associated to the Test Set from Iteration Status causes the result not to roll up to the Test Set.

We have currently disabled QDP for Quality Management Work Items to prevent any further failed rollups while we address this issue. Your patience is appreciated while we work to fix the 404 error and re-release QDP to Quality Management!
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