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Only Sub Admins can modify Test Cases from the Test Run page

Rally ALM
The defect where non-subadmin users were missing buttons on Test Case and Test Run pages has been resolved and the fix has been released. We are sorry for any inconvenience that was caused by this defect. 
We are aware of the issue recently introduced where only Sub Admins can modify Test Cases from the Test Run page. The buttons are missing for all other users, including Workspace and Project Admins. A fix is currently being tested, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, will be deployed with our next release, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

There is a workaround: Click on the test case that you want to add results to, click Result on the left, and then add it manually via the Actions menu on the top right.
We apologize for the impact this defect has had on you and your teams, and appreciate your patience while we correct it.  We will post here once the deploy has completed. 

System Maintenance

Rally ALM
The Rally maintenance window is scheduled for Saturday September 5th, 2015 at 7:00 AM MDT - 7:30 AM MDT (UTC-7:00). Rally will be performing system maintenance. This work is not expected to, but may result in intermittent accessibility issues during this time.  Please let us know if you experience any issues during this time.

System Incident

Rally ALM
Systems operating normally.  We will provide additional details to the Critical Incidents group as soon as our root cause analysis has been completed.
We are aware of, and actively investigating, an incident.

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