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Switching on Support for HTTP/2

CA Agile Central
Saturday, February 13, we will be switching on support for HTTP/2 on our servers. 
Please note:  just because you might have non-http/2 compliant proxy servers or browsers does not mean you won't have access to Rally. The system will downgrade to http/1.1 and will work with all existing infrastructure. Out of an abundance of caution we're announcing this change even though we expect zero impact for users except faster performance for those who are compliant. 
If you can access, you will be fine. To add a bit more credence to this,,, also runs HTTP/2 front ends that downgrade gracefully in a similar fashion. We ask you to test against since it is exactly the same infrastructure as Agile Central rather than 'similar' infrastructure. 
There is no need for you or your users to make any changes to get compliant.
We apologize for any confusion or consternation the previous post created.  

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