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Rally Unavailable

CA Agile Central
Service to Rally was restored earlier.  Also all attachments have been fully restored and are now accessible.  If you encounter any issues going forward, please contact Support for further investigation.   Thank you for your patience.
Rally is back up and running, and our Engineering and Operations teams have already identified the root cause of the issue. An issue with an attachment sync job caused connection issues with our application servers this morning, which caused Rally to be unavailable. 

On Aug 24, Rally moved to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As a result of the issue with syncing attachments to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), any attachments uploaded yesterday, Wednesday, Sept 4, are currently inaccessible and attempts to access result in a failure to load or 404 error. We are currently working to restore access to these attachments and expect this to be completed soon.

Update - Rally is back up and running. Some users may experience slow page loads as the system continues to recover. Our Engineering and Operations teams continue to monitor application health and work to ensure there are no further issues. 
Update - our Engineering and Operations teams are still in the process of mitigating the issue. The application is in the process of recovery, so some pages may load slowly until we are fully restored. Thank you for your patience!
Update:  Our Engineering Team has discovered the cause of the issue and is currently working to resolve the outage.  We will continue to monitor the situation and post updates as information is made available.  Thank you. 
We are aware of and investigating an issue where Rally is unavailable.  Users may see "503 Service Unavailable" message.  We will post an update once we know more - thank you for your patience!

Maintenance window is planned for Saturday, August 31st, between 07:00am - 8:00am MDT

CA Agile Central
The database maintenance has been completed and all systems are back online.
There is a maintenance window planned for Saturday, August 31st, between 07:00am - 8:00am MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). Rally (Agile Central) will not be accessible during this time.
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