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Data Center Maintenance - 8/24/2019

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System maintenance is scheduled for Saturday, August 24th from 00:00 to 08:00 MDT.  During this time, the application will be unavailable as we will be moving the Rally Software® Service from its current data-centers to Google Cloud Platform based data centers.  

Moving to a cloud infrastructure is a central part of our plans to continue to improve the Rally Software® service offering.  Google Cloud Platform will enable us to continue to improve upon our already best-in-class security posture, more rapidly respond to performance demands as our customers scale and provide long-term flexibility to deploy the Rally service in more locales.  
The system cutover will follow our normal procedures, however we are taking a one time, extended maintenance window in order to provide additional service validation. 

For our customers this change will be transparent like any other data center switch.  However there are some immediate system security enhancements that come with the change;
  • Stricter Access Control Lists (ACL’s) between system components to further reduce the risk of unauthorized system access
  • Upgrade of all servers to the latest operating systems and security patches
  • Enhanced security against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and malicious bot attack. 
  • Google provides Intrusion Detection which integrate host-based signals on individual devices, network-based signals from various monitoring points in the infrastructure, and signals from infrastructure services.
  • Improved tooling for ongoing security and compliance scanning

Google Cloud also provides industry leading security for their infrastructure and Rally’s SOC2 and ISO27001 certifications remain unchanged.  

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