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Watches and webhooks are currently unavailable

Our Operations team has resolved the issue with Watches and Webhooks. Thank you for your patience!

Update: Root cause analysis document can be found here:
We’re honing in on the area of code we believe the issue to be originating from, and are working on adding additional logging to better point us towards the root cause. Thank you for your patience!
Watches and webhooks are still down for the moment. Thank you for your patience, we are still investigating!
We are currently investigating an issue with watches and webhooks. We will update this status when we have more information. 

Agile Central Blank Screen issue

CA Agile Central
Our Operations team has resolved the issue where users were getting a blank screen following login. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: See the root cause analysis document here:
We are aware of and actively investigating an incident where users are receiving a blank white screen in CA Agile Central after login. 
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