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Setup Icon for Admin's has been moved

Rally SoftwareŽ
The Setup icon has been restored to its previous location, for Project, Workspace and Subscription Admin's.  If you are an Admin and don't see the icon, please refresh your browser tab or logout/login.

Sorry for the confusion this has caused your team.
We have received several support cases regarding the missing Setup icon for Admin's. 

Subscription and Workspace Admins can access Setup from the menu in the upper right hand corner - now titled System Administration. 

Unfortunately we missed this option for Project Admins and are working to restore it.  Project Admins can use the project dropdown to get into Setup.  When you hover on a project where you have Admin access, the Setup icon will appear to the right of the project name.  Clicking this icon will get you into setup for the project.  This works for All Admins.

We are sorry for the confusion this has caused our Admins.

Rally Service Status transitions to Broadcom Service Status

Rally SoftwareŽ
We are pleased to announce the transition of Rally Service Status to Broadcom Service Status, providing a unified availability and maintenance status portal across Broadcom and overall improving the customer experience.
What is happening?
On August, 3rd 2020 the existing Service Status pages (http://status.rallydev.com/ and http://status.eu.rallydev.com/) will transition to a the new Broadcom Service Status platform:
  • Current Service Status URLs will will automatically redirect to the new URL (https://rally.status.broadcom.com
  • Your subscription method (email) will be automatically migrated across to the new page

Action required
After August, 3rd 2020, update your bookmarks to reflect the updated URL. Redirection will only be in place for 3 months.
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